Motor carriers have chance to offer input on detention times in new ATRI study

Based on information provided by the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), the research organization is asking motor carriers to chime in on the effect of detention times at shippers and receivers on safety and productivity.

ATRI’s most recent data collection, “Detention Time Impacts on Industry Safety and Productivity, “ is phase two in an attempt to quantify the impact of detention times on carrier and driver operations. Earlier this year, ATRI surveyed over 600 commercial drivers on the potential impacts of detention times.

In addition to the survey data, ATRI is using carrier case studies to further explore the topic of detention times, pulling out empirical safety and performance data, and utilizing its extensive truck position database to model the impact of driver delay on truck travel times at key distribution points around the country.

Interested parties may participate in the online survey through January 2015 by visiting