Load Boards Show Flat Demand, Higher Rates

Spot market freight activity is softening modestly on a sequential basis, though rates paid to carriers continue to hit record levels, two load board operators said last week in separate reports.

DAT’s Trendlines report said national average rates remained at $2.44 per mile for refrigerated freight, and 3 cents less for flatbeds. At the same time, van rates rose 1 cent to $2.08 per mile in the June 15-22 period compared with the prior seven days.

Loads slipped 2.7% over the same period, the Portland, Oregon-based operator said.

The Internet Truck Stop measure of spot market activity, which measures relative levels of truck and freight availability, declined 1% for the week ended June 22.

The ITS measure of rates rose 3 cents per mile for refrigerated and van freight.

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