CVSA releases Roadcheck 2014 results

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) recently released the results of Roadcheck 2014, held June 3-5, 2014. This annual event provides a snapshot of safety enforcement for the transportation industry.

Roadcheck 2014 resulted in 73,475 truck and bus inspections throughout North America during a 72-hour enforcement and safety outreach event. The occasion is sponsored by members of CVSA.

Roadcheck 2014 at a glance
Following is an overview of the Roadcheck data provided by CVSA:

  • 67.6 percent (49,656 of the 73,475 total roadside inspections) were North American Standard Level I Inspections. Level I Inspections entail an examination of both driver documents and vehicle safety, making it the most thorough of the levels inspections performed by enforcement.
  • Of the 49,656 Level I Inspections, 23.0 percent included Out-of-Service (OOS) vehicle violations.
  • 72,415 driver inspections were conducted during all levels of inspections, from which:
    • 4.8 percent were found with OOS violations; and
    • 825 seatbelt violations issued.

Other inspections conducted included Level II walk-around, Level III driver-only, and Level V vehicle-only inspections.

Emphasis on hazmat
This year’s Roadcheck — in addition to the Level I Inspections — focused on hazardous materials/dangerous goods (HM/TDG) regulatory compliance. CVSA acknowledges that HM/TDG transporters represent a smaller segment of motor carriers, but the niche requires special paperwork, a CDL endorsement, and many other unique safety precautions.

During Roadcheck 2014, CVSA reports 5,738 inspections included HM/TDG. Of these hazardous materials inspections:

  • 919 (16.0 percent) experienced vehicle OOS violations; and
  • 172 (3.0 percent) resulted in driver OOS violations.